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As times grow increasingly perilous, many are embracing New-Age, pagan predictions. Others are wrongly setting specific dates for the end of the world based on their interpretations of the Bible (2012, etc.). These errors are setting the stage for the fulfillment of 2 Peter 3:3 ("Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.") As fanaticism and mysticism abound, many are racing to the opposite extreme as they blame and mock Biblical literalism. Actually, many have attempted to link many of the worst tragedies and delusions of history to the literal interpretation of the Bible. This book sets the record straight! The world will not end this year. But Jesus may return at any moment! This tension between these two statements is resolved in this book.

The Word - Gail Riplinger

"So few authors do painstaking original research. Dr. James Sightler, Michael Maynard and Barry Goddard graced the 20th century with their original studies, demonstrating the purity of the King James Bible. Now in this, the 21st century, a pastor from Texas, Joey Faust, has blessed the body of Christ with his phenomenal original research. He documents the long-standing history of the view that our beloved King James Bible is the inspired word of God. He cites 335 pages of direct quotations, stretching from the 17th century to the present, demonstrating that men have always believed that the KJB is inspired and not in need of correction and ‘defining’ via questionable Greek sources. Wouldn’t you like to know what people have always believed? This book is an analecta, that is, a compilation of quotations; it is not the opinions of Faust or any other author. Faust has done an unbelievable amount of digging and research to find these quotations. Christians will be using the quotations he discovered throughout the 21st century. You will not find any other book that will better help you defend the fact that those who believe that the KJB is God’s inspired word are among the MAJORITY throughout history.  I don’t know of any book I have ever read that so blessed, encouraged and brought such rejoicing to my soul. If you love your Holy Bible, it will bless you immeasurably. This is THE book to settle the inspiration debate...This book is NOT a repeat of previously presented research, but all new quotations, with complete bibliographic citations.  The quotations in this book are just what you have been looking for to encourage and strengthen the believers."
(From a review of this book by Gail Riplinger, the author of, "New Age Bible Versions," and numerous other helpful books to aid the Bible believer. You can find her excellent works at: )

The Word: God Will Keep It - Chris Shay

“I have read this book at least 5-6 or more times, and each time I get a greater sense of how God established His word, promised to preserve it forever, and the people that believed exactly that through the years that the King James Bible has been the word of God to the English Speaking world. Great men were, and are, blessed by God for fully relying on the King James as the rule and faith in their lives. Bro. Faust has done an excellent job in letting us know it’s not a new thing to believe in the KJV, nor that they are a minority that trust in the Good Old Book.”

The Word - Jerald Finney

"...In my library, I have several books which explain the problems and imperfections with interpretations of the Bible and the reasons that prove that the KJV is God’s Word in the English language. See Endnote. However, 'The Word: God Will Keep It,' is the only book I have come across that traces the history of the Satanic plot that attempts to discredit and replace the KJV. In fact, 'The Word: God Will Keep It,' is the most dynamic book I have read that deals with the KJV controversy. This book will fortify the understanding the believer who loves and understands God and His Word and the ability of God to do all things, including the power to preserve His Word in English. Pastor Faust’s arguments and reasoning are supported by facts and quotes with relevant Bible verses and comments interspersed, all building into a mighty crescendo whose peak is an explanation of the Jericho scholars who 'shipwreck the faith of Christians in the infallibility of the Bible.' Pastor Faust explains how the attempted plot to destroy the KJV has been and is being carried out; how the Satanic plan used in the Garden of Eden to convince Eve that God’s Word was not to be trusted has been very successful in leading many to reject the infallibility of the KJV. He quotes from many writers over the past 400 years and applies Scripture to the spiritual warfare surrounding the KJV..." (Jerald Finney is a Christian attorney and author in Austin, Texas).

The Word - James Frederick

"...I recently purchased a copy of your book on the KJB, The Word: God Will Keep It' from AV Publications. I appreciate your work on this book. This book was badly needed to show the history of KJB believers believing the KJB..."

The Word - Nathan Ham

“Pastor Faust, just wanted to thank you for your book The Word: God Will Keep It. The quotations are INCREDIBLE and I’ve never seen anything like it. It is exactly what you meant for it to be: a real faith booster. Thanks for all that labor, I can’t imagine how much work it really was. This is what King James Bible believers really needed. I had no idea how strong and popular this was back in the 1700s and 1800s. How foolish to think it a movement started by Ruckman. I read quotes in your book demonstrating “Ruckmanites” over 100 years before Ruckman! God bless you for your labor for The Word. In Christ,”

The Word - Dr. Don Boys

“Joey, I just finished your book last night. You did a superb job! I almost felt sorry for the critics who claim that KJV Only is of recent origin. The amount of research had to be astounding. Thanks.”

The Word - Kent Hovind

“…a fabulous book on the KJ issue!…must read…Bro Hovind LOVES your new book!”

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